sweat records

Sock Sweat

Sweat Records
Roofless Records
Juan Basshead
Panic Bomber
Furious Dudes
The Getback
Guy Harvey
Little Beard
Holly Hunt

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Harry Merry @ Sweat Records

Sweat Records
Harry Merry
Dino Felipe
This Heart Electric
Brown Ghosts
Disposable Thumbs
The same shit but on Facebook
it got started about 2 hours late
audience was friendly, good-looking and reasonably behaved
performances were awesome
beer selection at the Citgo on 54th remains ungentrified

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Jane Jane Pollock, Skeleton Warrior and hahahelp!

Bleeding Palm photographers have three rules:

  1. Don’t get captured
  2. Serve the Night Mother
  3. Get pictures of stuff

“Jane Jane Pollock’s performance at Sweat Records was awesome. Micheal Arcos’ film Angel Eyes 2: J-Lo’s Innermost Secrets was difficult to watch and emotionally draining. From what I remember, the show at the guest lab was pretty cool:)” – – Paul Allen

P.S. Jane Jane Pollock’s “Dragonfly Jackie” is our BFF.


Jane Jane Pollock

skeleton warrior

Roofless Records

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Pix shot by Paul Allen; Digital Fuckery: Paul Allen

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