skeleton warrior

Death to the Sun III-The Snooze Theater

So, The Snooze Theatre is pretty awesome.

Holly Hunt

Dino Felipe

90’s Teen

This Heart Electric


Guy Harvey

Rat Bastard

the Dewars

Luma Junger

Universal Expansion

The Jellyfish Brothers


Kenny Millions

Skeleton Warrior

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International Noise Conference

First, you people are crazy.
It was day one and day two of the International Noise Conference.
Some of it was awesome. Some of it was awful. However, all of it was entertaining.
We are missing some links. So, if you see your freaky self, your freaky group/gang/collective, please send us a link to your music/noise/weirdo shit.
Mindless Attack
Clang Quartet
Skeleton Warrior
Russian Tsarlag
Holly Hunt
Dick Neff
Otto Von Shirach, Mr. Feathers and Alligator Jesus
The Uh
Amanda Green and Luciano Guidini
We most likely won’t be covering any events in March. We need some time to focus on a special project.
We be back at ya soon enough tho.

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Jane Jane Pollock, Skeleton Warrior and hahahelp!

Bleeding Palm photographers have three rules:

  1. Don’t get captured
  2. Serve the Night Mother
  3. Get pictures of stuff

“Jane Jane Pollock’s performance at Sweat Records was awesome. Micheal Arcos’ film Angel Eyes 2: J-Lo’s Innermost Secrets was difficult to watch and emotionally draining. From what I remember, the show at the guest lab was pretty cool:)” – – Paul Allen

P.S. Jane Jane Pollock’s “Dragonfly Jackie” is our BFF.


Jane Jane Pollock

skeleton warrior

Roofless Records

<The Image Gallery/

Pix shot by Paul Allen; Digital Fuckery: Paul Allen

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