Dino Felipe

County Grind party at Green Room on Saturday


We are gonna be projecting some stuff at this party. Spoiler: It’s cats.

This Heart Electric, Dino Felipe, Boxwood, Möthersky, and Astrea Corporation will be performing. The party is on January 14th at Green Room.

So far, we have about 15 minutes of stuff that you will only find mildly obnoxious.

Here is a preview:


Here is a post on the party


Death to the Sun III-The Snooze Theater

So, The Snooze Theatre is pretty awesome.

Holly Hunt

Dino Felipe

90’s Teen

This Heart Electric


Guy Harvey

Rat Bastard

the Dewars

Luma Junger

Universal Expansion

The Jellyfish Brothers


Kenny Millions

Skeleton Warrior

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A few extra pics, a preview and some South Florida jams

Here’s a link to a Comp of South Florida music (you need to wait 40 seconds before you can download it.) Also: This is happening on Saturday in Lake Worth. We spent a few hours at it last year.


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What a Mission

The Heat Lightning

Dino Felipe

Jessica Gross

Sam Lopez de Victoria

The Miami Bike Scene

Amanda Green

Sharlyn Evertsz

Oly Vargas

Luma Junger


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Harry Merry @ Sweat Records

Sweat Records
Harry Merry
Dino Felipe
This Heart Electric
Brown Ghosts
Disposable Thumbs
The same shit but on Facebook
it got started about 2 hours late
audience was friendly, good-looking and reasonably behaved
performances were awesome
beer selection at the Citgo on 54th remains ungentrified

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A humid night at the Dorsch

swamp folk, magic triangles, rabid dogs, dancing gator, ritual sacrifice, demonic possession, feathered priest, black mass, gyrating tambourine, dark matter, wounded bird, drunken rambling, flat beer, sweat lodge, buried treasure

Dino Felipe
Otto von Schirach

Pictures shot by Ocheeva

Digital Fuckery by Paul Allen

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