Rally to Restore Sanity—Washington D.C.

I hate liberals almost as much as I hate conservatives.
D.C. is pretty cool.
Had a good time; even if the rally was full of irritating people.
“I saw that on the internet 8 years ago!”
Guy who kept yelling about how long ago he saw images from the jumbotrons on the internet
John Legend made up that song.
I was there when Moby broke a bottle over a dudes head in China Town. He still sucks.
“D.C. is the Hollywood for ugly people” —Patrick.
“history is a hell of a thing” —man on D.C. metro
“I’m the muthafukn head of the state”— Baraka Flocka Flames

Karen and Patrick are the best.

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Get Low 10/21/10

Bass by:GET LOW, Shake305, Miami Dubstep and Miamibass.com
Burgers by: Kamikaze Kitchen

Note:Kamikaze Kitchen was damn tasty.

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Micro Show

The Miami Micro Show took place either at The End or Little River Yacht Club. Either way, google maps doesn’t recognize the area as a destination. On my way there I’m pretty sure I saw a dude carrying an RPG. Then a bunch of people made noise.

Rat Bastard
Roofless Records

The same shit but on facebook

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Get Some blog

Get Some Facebook

The Electric Pickle


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Death to the Sun 2

Pictures and Digital Fuckery: Paul Allen

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Moon Duo and Crystal Stilts play a show in Brooklyn. Also: Beauty Bar.

Photos: Rosalind Franklin

Digital Fuckery and Color Work: Paul Allen

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Jane Jane Pollock, Skeleton Warrior and hahahelp!

Bleeding Palm photographers have three rules:

  1. Don’t get captured
  2. Serve the Night Mother
  3. Get pictures of stuff

“Jane Jane Pollock’s performance at Sweat Records was awesome. Micheal Arcos’ film Angel Eyes 2: J-Lo’s Innermost Secrets was difficult to watch and emotionally draining. From what I remember, the show at the guest lab was pretty cool:)” – – Paul Allen

P.S. Jane Jane Pollock’s “Dragonfly Jackie” is our BFF.


Jane Jane Pollock

skeleton warrior

Roofless Records

<The Image Gallery/

Pix shot by Paul Allen; Digital Fuckery: Paul Allen

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A humid night at the Dorsch

swamp folk, magic triangles, rabid dogs, dancing gator, ritual sacrifice, demonic possession, feathered priest, black mass, gyrating tambourine, dark matter, wounded bird, drunken rambling, flat beer, sweat lodge, buried treasure

Dino Felipe
Otto von Schirach

Pictures shot by Ocheeva

Digital Fuckery by Paul Allen

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Scion Basically Pays for Some Guy to Dance Around in His Underwear Onstage

Here is the gist of a text Bleeding Palm received from Rosalind Franklin about the show:

The Scion Garage Show was awesome. I left the show sore, bruised and without my house keys but it was worth it to see a half-naked guy prance around in a bunny mask.

Pictures shot by Rosalind Franklin

Digital Fuckery by Paul Allen

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The Last Two Thursdays

The one with Cut Chemist and The one where Rosalind Franklin says good-bye to Miami.

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