Voice of The Valley Noise Rally

Bleeding Palm’s internal policy on returning from events alive has never been so pertinent. At the behest of Crossfade we are venturing into Mothman country. Along with Roofless Records, we will try to document, understand and survive the Voice of the Valley Noise Rally. It’s going to be like the this, but there will be no escape from it.

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What a Mission

The Heat Lightning

Dino Felipe

Jessica Gross

Sam Lopez de Victoria

The Miami Bike Scene

Amanda Green

Sharlyn Evertsz

Oly Vargas

Luma Junger


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Someone’s always trying to sell you some crap.

The money-grubbing branch of Bleeding Palm is now open. We’re selling shirts to help fund the site, which is run on tacos, booze and earplugs.

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This Heart Electric-Escape from L.A.(demo version)

Check out more from This Heart Electric:

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June 23 and 24

All this shit was fun. So there.

Special thanks to Dottie and Farrah for helping me take pictures.

Shroud Eater


Holly Hunt

Kenny Millions


This Heart Electric

90’s Teen

Pocket of Lollipops

Little Beard





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light reading for a lazy weekend

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Year One

Happy Birthday to us.

We are one years old. Kind of hoping we make it to second year.
These are some of our favorite images of the year.
And here’s a list of our favorite key words that people used to get to our site:


phantogram boobs
bleeding haitian flag
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bloding on fuking
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international big fucking
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priest palm bleeding at mass
types of bleeding in the palm
why the palm bleed


Thanks for looking at our stuff.
Fuk dat (305) shit, this is (786)!

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Sock Sweat

Sweat Records
Roofless Records
Juan Basshead
Panic Bomber
Furious Dudes
The Getback
Guy Harvey
Little Beard
Holly Hunt

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Kool Keith, The Electric Bunnies, Otto Von Shirach, Snakehole, Cop City/Chill Pillars

Kool Keith

The Electric Bunnies

Cop City/Chill Pillars


Otto Von Shirach

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Thee Oh Sees
The Strange Boys
Turbo Fruits
Vivian Girls
Black Lips
Ty Segall
Miss Pussycat

Also: no more watermarks.

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