Happy Holidays with STEAM @ Fox’s Lounge


This was too much fun!

What was this?


Fox’s Lounge

But, what was this?

Gotta give a shout out to our boy Black Santa, for holdin it together and making this shit happen

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Florida’s Turnpike

Like most things, This is best viewed in anything other than Internet Explorer. If your browser prompts you to let you run a script or whatever, say yes. TRUST US

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Go to Foxes Lounge on December 13th pleeze.

Reasons you should go to Foxes Lounge on December 13th at 10pm:

1) Alcohol

2) Booty Bass

3) Show off your ugly sweaters

4)I’ll take your holiday/family photo

5) Your photo may end up looking something like this:



 Facebook event page

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Dorsch Gallery 20th Anniversary

Dorsch Gallery
Rat Bastard
Boise Bob & his Backyard Band
Awesome New Republic

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Rocky Horror Picture Show at O Cinema

O Cinema

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(((SHAKE))) 3 Year Anniversary, Miami Micro Show II and Little Beard at Mamushka’s


Juan BassHead


Miami Micro Show #2




Curious Hair

Kenny Millions

The President

Pocket of Lollipops

Sharlyn Evertsz

Luma Junger



The Jellyfish Brothers


Dead Beat Dad


Little Beard

Mamushka’s Midtown

General Practice

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Death to the Sun III-The Snooze Theater

So, The Snooze Theatre is pretty awesome.

Holly Hunt

Dino Felipe

90’s Teen

This Heart Electric


Guy Harvey

Rat Bastard

the Dewars

Luma Junger

Universal Expansion

The Jellyfish Brothers


Kenny Millions

Skeleton Warrior

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A few extra pics, a preview and some South Florida jams

Here’s a link to a Comp of South Florida music (you need to wait 40 seconds before you can download it.) Also: This is happening on Saturday in Lake Worth. We spent a few hours at it last year.


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Fucked in the Mountains

“This is kind of ridiculous” was the subject of Roofless Records’ initial e-mail to us about covering Valley of the Voice Noise Rally. A month later, as I stood drunk and lost in the mountains of West Virginia surrounded by terrible noises and visions, I thought “ridiculous” wasn’t quite the right word.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

V.O.V performers


Zack Kouns

DJ Dog Dick


Laundry Room Squelchers

Angels in America


Clang Quartet


Weye’s Blood

Tusco Terror

Unicorn Hardon

Twig Harper


Weirds Performers


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Our shirts can be got from Sweat Records

Sweaty Records is now carrying our shirts.So, pick one up next time you’re getting a Unicorn Love Bomb and the latest Doddletown Pipers record. Sweat Records is located at 5505 ne 2 ave, Miami, FL 33137

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