Take a look at the new website we made for the terrible people at the Borscht Film Festival:

(If you like to party, make sure to click on the alligator in the logo. Click on the snake to get out)

And make sure you visit the BOSH FILM FESTIVAL

Over 30 days ago, Bleeding Palm dispatched a lone web designer to create a new website for the Borscht Corporation and The Bosh Film Festival. He never returned.

However, his laptop was discovered. Along with the websites and the following production journal:


DAY:1: Started working on BOSH site. Boss is kind of a jerk.

DAY 5: CHris BOSH is soo weird.

DAY 7: found fnny videos of CHris BOsh being kooky.



THERE is a darkness here, for sure,
but there is something more than that creeping along here in the dark.

DAY 17: bought a gun today

DAY 20:
I have become increasingly aware of a new feeling, when staring at Chris Bosh.
I no longer feel the same way as when I began this…. This Journey.

DAY 21:
THERE IS A LIGHT NOW> IT IS BOSH. it has always been bosh. I must share this with him.

DAY: 22:
bosses asking lots of questions. they wont understand. I have changed all the website passwords. this is too important. My work here. what I’m doing. I cant risk them messing it all up now

DAY 26:
People will not understand this. That is for sure now. I must do something GREAT. to show bosh. The Company,
they wont understand. What I have done here, is for us all. It is necessary.

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  1. The Borsht Film Website came out great.

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